Crazy, Enormous, Unbelievable Sandwiches!

If you’ve visited One Lincoln in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a new addition to our specials menu.  Every night, we offer a few feature items, including a fish of the day, entrée of the day and vegetarian option of the day.  A little over a week ago, we began offering the ‘crazy, enormous, unbelievable sandwich’ of the day.

We asked Paul Bruce, one of One Lincoln’s line cooks, about how this concept came to reality.  It turns out that the idea belongs to no one person, nor does the creation of the sandwich.  Our kitchen employees were talking about their favorite ingredients and dishes that they liked.  The staff then began playing and experimenting with making these unique colossal creations.  Some are epic fails and didn’t make it to the menu, but others are incredible, delicious wins and have got people talking.  According to Paul, the beauty of collaborating like this is that “every sandwich has a piece of everyone in it”.  Visit us often, because they don’t offer the same sandwich twice; though if you find one you like and they remember what was in it, they’ll try to make it again.

The fan favorite so far ended up weighing over a pound and included deep fried Adams County apple stuffing, thin sliced house made pork jerk loin, Adams County apple butter, smoked Gouda and four pieces of bacon, all served on a brioche bun.


Pork Loin Special Sandwich

The sandwiches are endlessly creative and you can taste the love and excitement with each bite!

Some examples from the past few weeks:
sandwich5     sandwich4     sandwich3

sandwich2     sandwich1